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Suggested Senior Calendar

Senior Graduation Timeline


  1. Meet with your counselor.
  2. Verify your schedule has all the right classes for graduation.
  3. Complete any additional financial aid or housing forms required.
  4. Start thinking about your culminating exhibition topic for spring.
  5. Get your senior photos turned into the annual staff.
  6. Get packet from Jostens for graduation cap/gown.
  7. Stay on track with your 1st semester grades - they WILL COUNT towards admissions for post secondary education opportunities.


  1. Discuss your final choices with your counselor and your parents.
  2. Notify the institutions of your decisions to accept or reject their offers.
  3. Complete any additional financial aid or housing forms required.
  4. Review financial aid award offers from schools. The question is not how much will you get but how much of your need the award will cover.
  5. Respond promptly to all requests from the school you have decided to attend.
  6. Submit requests for the mailing of final transcripts to the Registrar.
  7. Don't slack off academically, colleges will examine your final semester grades and make a final determination as to your admissibility.


  1. Keep grades up; colleges will check your second semester grades.
  2. Continue to apply for any scholarships and financial grants that become available.
  3. Senior Breakfast, Wild Waves, Senior Walk
  4. Graduate!