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OSPI Washington State Testing Information

Current graduation testing requirements for high school students in Washington State are available from the OSPI website. If you have questions regarding your student's testing schedule and/or required testing elements, please call the counseling center or if you need more detailed information please visit the OSPI website for full disclosure/details regarding testing requirements (along with the yearly schedule).

** Until Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are implemented and assessed, students will be required to pass the biology EOC. After NGSS are implemented and assessed, students will be required to pass a comprehensive NGSS Test. The timeline for NGSS is being developed.

Other Assessments

  • Classroom-Based Assessments (CBAs) and Classroom-Based Performance Assessments (CBPAs): The state supports the development of classroom-based assessments that are based on the state’s learning standards and help guide day-to-day instruction. State curriculum specialists create tasks and questions that model good assessments and provide them to local school districts.
  • National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP): NAEP is a national assessment that allows educational achievement to be compared across states. Federal law requires every state to give the NAEP in reading and math at grades 4 and 8 every two years. States and school districts that receive Title I federal funding to aid educationally disadvantaged students in high poverty areas must participate in these assessments. Other subjects also are tested.
  • Washington Alternate Assessment System (WAAS): The WAAS provides multiple ways for students with an Individual Education Program (IEP) to participate in the state testing system and includes the WA-AIM, DAPE, and Off-Grade assessments.
  • Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL): This test was replaced in 2009-10 by the Measurements of Student Progress (MSP) and the High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE).
  • Washington English Language Proficiency Assessment (WELPA): The WELPA annually assesses growth in English language development by the state’s English language learners (ELL). This assessment tests reading, writing, listening and speaking knowledge and skills.