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Post-Secondary Application Procedures

The Application Process

Four-Year Colleges and Universities in the State of Washington

  1. Applications to attend four year colleges in the State of Washington are online. They should be completed as soon as practical/possible and preferably prior to Dec 1 for regular admissions consideration.
  2. Complete all appropriate parts of the application. Most forms clearly indicate which sections are to be completed by the applicant, and which are to be completed by a school official.
  3. Your counselor will complete the appropriate school official sections of the application. Don't forget to include any needed letters of recommendation.
  4. Request an official transcript be sent to the colleges/universities you are applying to, here is the link to request a transcript.
  5. In June, a final transcript will be sent to the school you have decided to attend. Colleges require this be done by the high school to verify the transcript is an official copy. It is your responsibility to advise Eyren Braaten, the Registrar as to where you wish your transcript sent. A form will be available for this purpose beginning in May (date TBD) - see Jeannie Hall, Sue Wixon-Phillips or Eyren Braaten in the Guidance and Counseling Center.

Two-Year Community Colleges in the State of Washington

Applications to attend most two year / Community Colleges in the State of Washington are online. After filling out the application, transcripts will need to be sent. Please request from Eyren Braaten, Sue Wixon-Phillips or Jeannie Hall in the Counseling office. Don't forget the application fee if appropriate. Information specific to Everett Community College and their application and admissions process is available.

Vocational/Trade and Out-of-State Schools

Applications for trade schools and colleges outside of Washington must be obtained directly from the institution, although most will have online applications available. Check with your counselor or Ms. LaFortune for information about applications. Requests for application materials should be made to the Admissions Office of the particular institution. Information is available in the Career Center, feel free to come in and utilize the Career Center for resources which can aid you in obtaining needed addresses and writing letters requesting materials.