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Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation

Our Music Appreciation class is a semester long class that would be more aptly titled Music History.

Essentially, this class is divided into three sections;

1) Classical Music - We will begin in antiquity and study the classical periods up to current classical music. 

2) Jazz - After the Classical Unit, We shift back to 1900 and study jazz music.

3)Rock and Roll/Contemporary Pop Music - We finish the semester studying the roots of Rock and Roll.

We spend a great deal of time listening to music and the class is anything but boring. If you are a music buff, this class is a must. 


Tests in this class are divided into two sub-categories:

1) Written Tests which are all open note and deal with subject matter covered in lecture. 

2) Listening Tests which are not open note and are essentially a "name that tune" test that is based on the provided play list of "Essential Listening".