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Jazz Band 2

Jazz Band 2

Our program has grown to the point that we needed to add a second jazz ensemble. Jazz Ensemble 2 feeds our award winning Band 1 and is directed by our LSMS Director. Jazz 2 also meets every day at 6:15 and has become a pillar of our program. See you at Jazz Nite!!


The uniform for Viking Jazz Ensemble 2 is all black. Black pants, socks, shoes, shirt,  and tie. Ladies may choose to wear a black dress of appropriate cut so long as it falls below the knees when seated.


All Jazz 2 students are required to perform at their selected events. (See the Calendar for Details). With the level of commitment and execution that this group requires, it is extremely difficult if no impossible to perform without all members present. On top of competitive festivals Jazz 2 performs at the Winter Concert and again at the LSSD Jazz Nite.


Of the above listed trips only going to Central Washington University and Clark College take us very far abroad. While central is just over the mountains and a day trip, Clark College is in Vancouver, Washington and is an over night trip. 


Traditionally the Jazz 2 Fee depends on how much the group will travel in a year. On a conservative year the fee has been around $100. On strong years it has been close to the Jazz 1 fee of around $250. This includes all hotel costs, transportation costs, and entrance fees for festivals that band two accompanies band 1 to. It does not include our Columbia Basin College Festival.