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LSHS Drumline (Directed by Neil Proff and Drumline Specialist and Coach Davy Nefos)

The LSHS Drumline is affectionately known in our community as the Purple Thunder, a name coined by our former Director of Athletics, Ed Bailey. This group is beloved in our district and area and performs regularly at local drumline festivals at Glacier Peak, Bellevue High School, and the prestigious BDX held at Garfield High School in Seattle, WA. Our full line numbers nearly 40 and continues to grow. Rarely, but on occasion, we have even been known to accept a donation to sneak into a lake house (owned by the donor) early on a Saturday morning to wake his sleeping son. 


The uniform for the Drumline is the same as the pep band. Black Pants, Black Socks, Black Shoes, Band Shirt, Band Coat, and Band Hat. Often they will add a purple and or gold tie for spirit. 


The Drumline Rehearses EVERY Friday after school from 1-3:30. 


All Drumline students are required to perform at their selected events. (See the Calendar for Details). This group requires a high level of commitment and execution. Rehearsals are required. Additional events are often scheduled at the request of district or administration. 


Of the above listed trips only going to the BDX (The Bulldog Drumline Expo) at Garfield High School takes us very far away.


There is no fee for drumline, though students are responsible for the cost of their own sticks, gloves, and mallets along. Students are also responsible for damage to their instruments caused by negligence.