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Concert Band

Concert Band
Our concert band is our fundamental ensemble. Here, students learn the basics of theory, notation, terminology, and playing. This is traditionally our largest group and focuses on training students for our wind ensemble. Our winter concert is usually thematically based, and the concert band selections typically share thematic content with the wind ensemble. Our spring concert reflects our "festival season" music and while still excellent is typically more traditional. 


The uniform for the concert band is: Black Pants, Black Socks, and Black Shoes with a White Dress Shirt and preferably a Black Tie. Ladies may choose to wear a dress of appropriate cut that falls below the knees when seated. 


All concert band students are part of the Pep/Marching bands and are required to perform at their selected events. (See the Calendar for Details) The concert band performs at the Winter and Spring Concerts. This group is also required to perform at graduation.


Each year our entire program heads to the Tri-Cities (Pasco) to attend the Columbia Basin College Festival. At this festival the Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, and both Jazz Ensembles perform and are adjudicated. 


There is a $70 yearly fee for band that goes towards, among other things, uniforms, guests, costs of camps, and band events.

The program also travels to the Columbia Basin College Festival on a yearly basis in lieu of any more costly trips. This trip is traditionally between $220 and $320 per student. Limited scholarships are available.