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Class Guitar

Class Guitar 

Ever wish that you had learned to play guitar? Now you can. Our guitar class at LSHS is focused on making students "campfire ready". Some approach guitar like band, but it is not. Students learn basic chords and strum patterns so that they can be performing in a short amount of time. There are currently 305 tunes in the book that range from James Taylor, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan, all the way to Bon Iver, Hozier, and Bright Eyes. Come check it out!!


This class has a variety of assessments that inform instruction. 

1) Chord Tests: Students will be asked to demonstrate roughly 30 chords that constitute the basis of guitar skill. This is done one on one. 

2) Listening Tests which are not open note and are essentially a "name that tune" test that is based on the provided play list that mirrors the tunes in our Guitar Book. 

3) Guts - Students are required to perform in front of the class every two to three weeks using guitar and voice. 

4) The LSHS Guitar Concert: Once per semester students will perform in the PAC for a small audience of parents, friends, and classmates.